WTF Wednesday

WTF indeed- it's 60 degrees outside and I would LIKE to be doing this:


Alas, perhaps a bike ride will be just the thing.

I love love love my bike, by the way. It is HUGE and heavy.
I feel so safe and comfy on it. It is much more to my liking than the thrifted 10-speeds I used to ride.
It's a Batavus Fryslan, in case you are curious.
The scarf is from my friend Patrick.
I have a BIG EYE in this picture because I am always wide-eyed when I ride around the city, both because of the landscapes I'm taking in, and because there are lots of crazy antics in the road and if you don't pay attention you will run over people who wander into the bike lane trying to hail a taxi or take a photo, just like I'm doing in this run-on sentence.
Once I rode past a person who said "VROOM VROOM!".
That was funny.