"Please, sir, just a little bit more," said Pig.


The Conjurer

She practices ancient methods in a secret cabin somewhere cold and white.
Does she know someone is peeking out from the loft above, or has she asked him to watch and learn? Curious...



The Christmas of 1895 was anything but merry for the Palindrome family, for twenty days prior, twelve-year-old Christopher Palindrome had disappeared without a trace. His presents remained unopened under the great tree until early in the 21st century, when a wealthy family moved into the old mansion and disturbed them.

B. Lee Banks

B. Lee Banks had the second best academic record in the history of Palindrome Academy. The top honor was held by none other than Christopher Palindrome, the legendary student for whom the school changed its name in 1897, two years after his disappearance.
B. Lee strove to unseat Christopher Palindrome from his academic throne.
A century of glory was an adequate period of honor, and she was giddy for her reign to begin. Two more spelling bee victories and the title of Most Honored Student would be hers.

Maud Brindlebee

There were rumors that Maud could communicate with the spirit world. Kids said that Maud had witch parents. The truth was that no one really knew the truth about Maud. They only knew what they saw: a loner who dressed oddly and who carried a can on a string she called Poppy.

Obituary for Christopher Palindrome

Christopher Palindrome, aged 12, of Plainbridge, MA, was last seen on the evening of December the Fifth, 1895. He is believed to have perished in Farthington Woods. He is survived by his mother, Agatha Palindrome (née Karp), and father, Otto Palindrome.
Christopher will be remembered for his aptitude and zeal for learning, his shy benevolence, and the legacy of genius for which his school paid him homage by re-christening itself "The Palindrome Academy for Learning Arts".

Two friends becoming better friends

"Let's take a photo so we can upload it to Facebook and tag each other!"
They're all, "OMG!"
(No, these two are definitely not like that.)

I wonder how they would look on a painted background...

"No, take it with Instagram!"
 So I painted them again, and changed their hair and outfits a bit.
Girls are always changing hair and outfits, in case you didn't know.
"What filter is THAT? I look so washed out."
Then I had a "happy accident."
"Hi. I'm Marcy, and I have a tote bag."
Marcy looks better on her own, I think.


Fall conjures imagery of New England and colonial timez, so I'm making a piece to satisfy those inclinations. Bye!

Opening this weekend

The Spell, 2011
My work is on display at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA.
The opening is this Saturday, September 15th from 6pm-8pm.
I'm honored to have been selected to take part in this show of children's book art.
Click here for more info.

Danforth Museum • 123 Union Avenue, Framingham, MA 01702


I have been manipulating pixels and vectors and font-ing around for the past several weeks.
At last the time has come again for picture-painting!
Here is a small piece of an initial sketch of a thing I hope turns out OK.


"I daresay every artist of the future will quite enjoy depicting us."

Percy and TumTum at the Oakland Farmers' Market

NO, not this Oakland...

 THIS Oakland!
My hometown : )

Like Peter Rabbit, I'm gonna hop on over the GWB and set up shop amid the corn, carrots and lettuce at the wonderful new Oakland Farmers' Market. You can spy me and many copies of Percy and TumTum: A Tale of Two Dogs in my booth from 9am till 1pm.
Special thanks to Jane Graham for hooking me up with this special event!

Oakland Farmers' Market:
Saturdays 9am-1pm
Veterans Dr, Oakland, NJ 07436 (in the Board of Education parking lot within the Municipal Plaza, right on Rt. 202/Ramapo Valley Road)